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Steve Gardening

Mother's Day 2014 with Periodic Updates

June 21st and the gardens are taking off!
Over the past few weeks, Steve has been battling the bunnies, deer, and groundhogs. He waited a little too long to put up the mesh fence, lost some of his beans, and replanted. Last year he had a problem with the squash -- some little worm decided to take up residence. This year he'll do a little spraying.
Steve plants his vegetable gardens each year on Mother's Day weekend. He prepares weeks in advance -- clearing winter debris, putting fresh mulch on the beds, turning the soil.
The tomatoes are climbing the stakes, but the beets are not doing well. He stopped by the nursery and got a new packet of seeds. We'll see what happens in the next few weeks.
Pole Bean Fence
Planting carrots -- spreading the carrot seeds.
Steve is extending the fence so that the pole beans will have a little more space to grow up and spread out. They are really taking off now!
Steve podding his heirloom beans.
June 29th -- the beans are climbing and our first tomato.
Today he is planting and staking the tomatoes -four different kinds this year. This strip along the road gets sun all day long. By late July, early August, we have enough tomatoes to share with neighbors and to put up a few quarts of sauce -- tastes so good in January.
And I enjoy the fruits of Steve's labor. There is nothing better than eating a freshly picked tomato on a hot summer day. My neighbor shared a great, simple recipe for sun dried tomatoes. Cut tomatoes in strips lengthwise, single layer, sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil and garlic powder, bake at 275 for 1 1/2 to 2 hours or so. I use Corning glassware not foil.
July 12th - amazing growth!
Now he prepares the soil to plant beets and carrots. He saves the ashes from the fireplace and spreads it on the soil. The vegetables he's planting love it.
And now the beets.
July 18th - won't be long now. Picked one zucchini and a three tomatoes, bought some onions today and tomorrow will pick up some fresh artisan bread to enjoy with an Italian dish my mom used to make -- this recipe is close --
Steve's grandfather was a farmer and his father was an agriculture teacher. Charlie, our son, has similar interests -- organic farming, national park service, preserving our environment.
July 29th - The tomatoes are coming on strong. Today I will make our first small batch of sauce that we'll enjoy this winter. Visit Steve Gardening Part 2 -
Garden to Sauce