Sarah Chauncey


June 2014 & Last Update July 19

Reading & Walking
Eclectic Reading
July 22 - Took some pics along my morning walking path.
July 19 - In between other work, I have been enjoying a few books. Started The Big House, finished On Looking, reading A Philosophy of Walking and enjoying the drawings and commentary in Meanwhile in San Francisco -- another wonderful experience in "looking." While walking this morning, some interesting bits of nature caught my eye -- sharing just one -- new growth around a tree stump.
Color on Green
My reading interests swing from the technical to the artistic and everything in between. I buy books and they sit on shelves waiting to join the in-process pile. Some are waiting to be revisited ... have to copy the side notes and annotations into a notebook to support future research. I am trying to move toward eBooks, but haven't found a reader that lets me mark-up pages the way I'd like. There is something about the feeling I get when I see these physical stacks that hasn't been replicated to my liking in the virtual world...yet. Perhaps a hologram projection?
Just into summer and the colors against the green are beautiful. We don't have a sprinkler system and try to stay green so the lawn plays host to creeping vines, dandelions, and varied non-grassy invaders. We've had plenty of rain, so the grass is still winning; by late July and August, the more resilient weedy plants take over for a while. Steve sets the lawnmower on low and tries to control the weedy visitors.