Sarah Chauncey

4TH OF JULY 2014

Long Weekend at the Farm

What you notice first is the silence, except for the birds. You can sit on the porch for an hour and not see a car pass -- except for Sunday afternoons when people tend to cruise about. Built in 1881, the house is a little over 130 years old. It sits near the brink of a ridge -- the power lines last stop. Lots of history around the house and barn. It was moved from its original location across the road in 1911 when the water supply dried up. We're keeping the clapboard siding which requires a new coat of paint every 10 years. They don't build homes like this today. When we bought the place and gutted it, there was no insulation only thick planking. We studded the interior perimiter walls, ran new electrical lines and insulated. It's impervious to drafts. The only unfinished room is an amazing, large walk-in attic space --- the home of a future library-office -- in my dreams.
Steve on one of his tractors - a 1941 Ford 9N. He cut all of the fields around the house and then started on the large field across the road. It's a major job to keep this place up, luckily these tractors and working in the "wild" are Steve's passions.
One downstairs and two upstairs bedrooms - we're ready for guests.
Some shots of the interior and Steve making his high-cholesterol breakfast before heading out to cut hay in the fields. I spent Thursday - Saturday polishing, cleaning windows, washing and waxing the kitchen floor.
Capturing the sunset from the back deck with iMotion Pro - I didn't have a tripod so it's a little jerky -- lots of possibilities with this cool app.
Enjoying a barbecue with the Kinsley's -- chicken with Cornell marinade -- look it up if you've never heard of it.