Sarah Chauncey

Sarah's Herb Garden

May 5, 2014 with Periodic Updates

Planting a Lazy Susan herb garden for Mother's Day. We picked up the herbs at Van Houten Farms Nursery -- parsley, basil, dill, coriander, oregano, and mint. We found a perfect place for our little garden on the porch.
Eight days later, Tuesday, May 13, dill and sweet basil are the first to pop!
My neighbor took pictures and video while I added the soil and seeds.
May 16, the coriander is up! If you look to the left, you'll see the dill; they look similar, but that will change as the plants mature. The baby coriander leaves are rounder and shorter. The dill leaves are wispy. The oregano is starting, just a few tops poking through in the lower left corner.
May 17, here comes the parsley. Yesterday, the tips had emerged. This picture was taken just 24 hours later. May 20, the oregano is popping. The mint is still hiding, stay tuned.
Stay tuned. More to come. We'll share as the plants start growing.
June 21st - Making progress, but the mint is still slow as is the oregano.
May 24, the only herb that isn't taking off is the mint -- only one scraggly plant so far.
Checking the back of seed packet to find out how deep and how far apart to plant the seeds. The coriander and basil seeds were so small that we decided to scatter and cover them. We'll thin them out once they sprout.