Frictionless Office

I added a new piece of movable “furniture” to my office two days ago.  The rolling cart has seven wire baskets that hold my current working documents, professional, and recreational reading and Moleskin notebooks. I added the wire mesh baskets  that hang off the sides via magnets.  My iPad sits on the top shelf of the cart  and an extra wooden bookshelf adds one more level for my notebook computer.  When I sit at my desk, all of my digital and print resources are at my fingertips.


My library behind me and yoga mat on the floor reminding me to take a break every 20 minutes to do my mini-workouts.  As I’ve tinkered with the layout and tools in my space, I’ve become more efficient, focused, and balanced.

FrictionlessOfficeSpace2Over the past few weeks, I’ve been de-cluttering and printing less paper. By combining Evernote Premium, Google Drive, and Google Sites, I can manage projects without paper — backing up to my local drive and emailing copies of documents to myself. My goal for the next few weeks is to work through a stack of articles I’m still not ready to toss – have to make sure I have the digital copies.

The next challenge – eBooks instead of paper (thinking green and running out of shelf space). I have the Nook and Kindle Apps on my phone and iPad.  Willing to give up paper for recreational reading, but haven’t played with mark-up and annotating on either Reader for professional books.