A quiet Sunday afternoon — picked up some pumpkin spice soup at the health food store and set out some reading… Sent my dissertation modifications to Dr. Ruth for review. Time to reflect on options for a paper…

Successfully defended my dissertation on Tuesday the 18th of September — only minor revisions. Picture to the left is my committee from left to right… Professor Lee McKnights, Professor Ruth Small, Professor Marilyn Arnone, Professor Renee H. Franklin, and Professor Corinne Smith. Wednesday evening was our residency dinner at The AradRead More →

I sent off hard copies of my dissertation to my advisory committee yesterday–scheduled to defend on September 18th. A wonderful feeling.

ArtsJournal — A great round-up of issues and idea in the art world. BPS Research Digest — The British Psychological Society on the latest research on brains and behavior. Farnam Street — “Mastering the best of what other people have figured out.” Harvard Business Review — A nonstop stream of news and commentary onRead More →

  A freak snowstorm on October 31st did a number on the trees in our towns. Heavy snow, leaves and heavy winds just don’t mix well. We were fortunate that limbs did not fall on the house, but they got awfully close … our deck table was spared!  

Final formal residency. I successfully defended my proposal on Monday the 19th. Back home and working on minor modifications… hope to begin the study by mid-October! I will miss the residency weeks! (Back for one more residency in May 2012.. defending my dissertation in September!)