Thought I’d write a few notes in this period before comps — a limbo period of sorts which I’m trying to see as a positive, worthwhile experience, not. Will spend the rest of the week preparing for four one-hour sessions in which I will be asked to cogently regurgitate answersRead More →

Came across my desk tonight and it speaks to how I feel sometimes… but I keep on plugging along …

From Ira Glass . . . watch the short video if you have a few minutes… he shares and criticizes some of his early work..

Design firm IDEO has released its vision for the future of the book.  The concepts shown by IDEO are premised on the idea that “an increasingly digital context can add to our notion of books, instead of taking away from it”. Their video seeks to show us how these concepts canRead More →

Another comp question completed. Heading out to read at Strabuck’s or B&N — have to look at some other walls. Starting Lit Review tomorrow. Edit Q7 tonight then send it off to Dr. Ruth.

Wondering if teaching content and skills too early can interfere with motivation, curiosity and interest at the point when students can better process the information.

Celebrating Juliana’s 19th Birthday. I burned the bottoms of the first batch of cupcakes, but the second batch look pretty good. The Miller’s will be joining us for dinner – Chinese ordered in. Finished Comp Q4 — a relaxing evening ahead. Maybe a little searching for the next question hmmm.

Found my space for this question. Working on the introduction…. National History day judging on Saturday morning. One more site to review and then share comments with Christine.

7:30 am … working on Comp Q3 – Program Evaluation vs. Research. Also thinking about next PO. I am excited about this new joint venture with Benchmark Education.

Taking a little break from working on Question 6 for comps prep – Research Design. Had breakfast with Jeanie this morning at Strawberries in Nyack. The pumpkin pancake — I just had one —  was yummy. I should have passed on the eggs. Still have to go out to pickRead More →

In a 2009 report entitled, Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century, Henry Jenkins and his colleagues argued that there was a growing gap between youth who were engaged in use of digital media to collaborate and share and those who were not. The authorsRead More →